1. Competitors and their team captains take primary responsibility for their safety and participate in the event at their own risk. The organisers cannot accept any responsibility for personal accident or damage to athletic equipment and other personal effects or any public liability. Anyone participating in the event will be deemed to have accepted total responsibility for their own safety in all regards.
  2. Even though an individual appointed by the organiser will facilitate a collective group start and is likely to give instructions to start, there is no responsibility for the safety of participants or liability for any claims or damages that might arise carried by that individual, the organiser, or the host athletic club Team Bath AC.
  3. The decision of the Organiser will be final in all matters.  2
  4. The race will be registered with the Trail Running association  which follows UKA rules.


  1. Veteran Teams will have every runner aged 40 or over on race day.
  2. Mixed Teams will have a minimum of 3 women


  1. All runners will be aged 18 years or older on race day.
  2. The race is open to attached and unattached runners. Attached runners are members of a UK Athletics  (UKA) affiliated club or individual members of the Trail Running Association (TRA.) Unattached runners must pay an additional  entry fee of £2 which will be sent to UKA.
  3. Each team will have no more than 10 runners, and only one runner per stage.
  4. Each runner may run over one stage only, for one team only.


  1. Each stage will have a cut off time, shown in the Schedule, which will be the maximum time applied to a runner who finishes that stage.
  2. If a team does not have runner for a stage the No Runner Time shown for the respective stage in the Schedule will apply.
  3. If a runner starts but does not finish a stage the No Runner Time shown for the respective stage in the Schedule less 5 minutes will apply.
  4. Runners are responsible for their own hydration during their run. Attempts will be made to provide one water station mid-way through each stage, and details will be announced prior to the start of a stage.


  1. The route will adhere strictly to the Cotswold Way unless otherwise indicated in the guidelines / website or by the Start Marshal.
  2. It is the responsibility of each runner to follow the Route, as there are no marshals or additional markers. Organisers take no responsibility for ensuring that the trail is waymarked.
  3. Guide runners are not permitted.
  4. Runners will NOT be disqualified for accidentally deviating from the Route. However if it is judged that a runner has gained advantage from not following the Route a time penalty will be added.
  5. Runners must pay attention to trespass and invasion of privacy that results from route deviation. Runners are reminded that any prosecution resulting from trespass or other related offence is the sole liability of the runner.
  6. Runners cross roads at their own risk, and are alone responsible for themselves. Road crossings will largely be unmarshalled. Runners will not assume that a marshal will in any way make it safe for their protected passage. Marshals, when present, will not be responsible for runners’ safety.
  7. The use of GPS mapping devices to guide runners is not acceptable, although GPS enabled time-keeping and recording devices may be used.


  1. Only runners whose details have been entered at the squad registration stage may compete.  Within clubs, runners may swop teams but they retain the unique squad registration number of their original team squad registration.
  2. Team captains must inform all runners about their unique squad number. This number must be quoted at the immediate pre-race declaration.
  3. Pre race declaration opens 30 minutes before the start of each stage and runners should be there in good time as parking walking and declaration all take time.
  4. The team captain must inform an official at the finish of that stage if a runner has dropped out.
  5. The team captain must ensure that each runner is equipped with their own contact details, for use in resolving loss of route or in end of stage logistics.
  6. It is the responsibility of each team to ensure that any of their runners who fail to complete a leg by the cut off time is safe. Officials will leave the finishes shortly after the cut-off times. It is the responsibility of the participant to inform their team captain of retirement, and to inform marshals / organiser.


  1. Openable gates should NOT be climbed. Any participant opening a gate or running through a gate opened by the runner in-front must ensure that it is firmly closed behind them in a stock-proof manner.
  2. Any damage resulting to fences, gates or styles must be reported to the marshal at the end of the stage. A runner incurring such damage must make best efforts to leave the object stock-proof.