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General race information

  • The Cotswold Way Relay follows the National Trail route. It is easy to follow at walking speed but sometimes tricky at running speed. The course is not specially marked for the race. We recommend that every athlete should reconnoitre their own stage in the weeks before the race. For example the race takes the long circuit of the golf course on Leg 7 after Dursley
  • On Leg 9 there has been a diversion south of the M4. This leads to a more southerly crossing of the A46 where great care must be taken
  • Maprun6 technology is being used for runner identification and race timing. You should have an up-to-date smart phone to take part in this race. A backup watch with a Garmin or other gpx trace should also be worn in case of phone failure
  • FOR RECCE before race week, Maps and hill profiles are on jpeg and GPX files below. The Maprun6 app has recce maps of every stage. Click go to start so see a trace of the route on a background map. It contains a GPX trace, so your live location is also recorded.  But you might wish to carry an OS or Harvey’s National Trail map as backup especially, especially during a recce
  • FOR RACE WEEK from June 27 the APP is updated with new Maps. See below:
  • The only Course Marshalls will be at the few serious road crossings, and these will be notified to runners at the prerace briefing. These marshals have no rights to stop traffic but will warn and assist you in road crossing.
  • Start times as per table below: Runners should arrive at least 45 minutes before the start time to allow for parking, registration, and pre-race briefing.
  • Runners will be guided to the start location to await the start time. At the start time all phones with the course map switched on within their Maprun 6 app will have their applications triggered to cause a mass start.
  • Runners should start their own watches as a back-up at the start time.
  • A runner who cannot use a phone or whose phone malfunctions should self time and report at the finish
  • The App records the route taken so that any deviation from the route will be apparent. Each stage passes through several GPS marked locations, which will cause the app to ping. The last ping will be as you pass into the finish area
  • Each stage has a cut off time of roughly 12 minutes per mile (5 miles per hour). This may be lengthened by the organisers in the event of severe weather
  • There will be a sweeper running each leg at this pace. If runners fall behind the sweeper, they will be advised to pull out of the race at a safe and sensible location and contact their team to arrange collection. Runners who drop out will be awarded the cut off time provided they started the race with the intention of completing the leg.
  • If you are a bit later than the cut off time finishing, the app will still record your finish time for personal use. Your team will be awarded the shorter cut off time
  • If teams have no runner registered at a start of a leg, the team will be awarded a penalty time which is the Cut Off time plus 15 minutes

Use of Maprun6 race maps: these are now all preloaded and set for mass starts at the times in the table below

  • Please do this at home before race day
  • Open Maprun6/Click: Select Event/UK/Bath and NE Somerset/Cotswold way relay 2022/RACE2022leg(whatever number 1-10)
  • Your leg will download; this may take a few seconds with a good internet connection. Click on/ Go to Start. You will see a Live count down to the mass start for the leg you selected.  For example leg 1 is counting down to 7AM sat morning
  • Click on the house at the top left to exit

On 27 June start times were revised to facilitate an automatic mass start

Starts will now all be on the exact hour

Some start times in the morning are now sooner. Be early please

There is also less time between the morning stages

There is a pause between legs 5 and 6 to catch up and grab some food

LegMapGPX File
Stage Start Finish Start  Time Cut off time Distance Ascent


1 Chipping Campden Stanway House 07.00 2.30




A 392m

D 444m

2 Stanway House Cleeve Common 08.00 2.30 19K


A 525m

D 366m

3 Cleeve Common Seven Springs 09.00 1.45 13.2K

8.3 M

A 327m

D 371m

4 Seven Springs

(New length)

Cranham Corner 10.00 2.30 19.9K


A 406m

D 388m

5 Cranham corner

(New length)

Ebley Mill 11.00 2.30 19.1K


A 307m

D 503m

6 Dudbridge Dursley 13.00 2.00 14K

8.8 M

A 409m

D 367m

7 Dursley Wotton U Edge 14.00 1.45 11.6K

7.3 M

A 292m

D 299m

8 Wooton U Edge Old Sodbury 15.00 2.30 19.4K


A 404m

D 360m

9 Old Sodbury Cold Ashton 16.00 2.00 14.8K


A 240m

D 148m

10 Cold Ashton

(New length)

Bath Royal Ave 17.00 2.00 15.0K


A 240m

D 410m