You should only reach this page by clicking the link in the email sent to Team Captains asking for runner details. You may complete this form as many times as you wish, the latest version will always be the one the race organisers use.

You should find both Club and Team names already filled out, along with a team reference number.  Each team has it’s own link to the page, it is important to use the right one!

Please complete the Spreadsheet you received with that email before filling out this form, as you will need to ‘drop’ the file in below. Reserves for a club can be entered on any team sheet. You can change the name of the spreadsheet file, just don’t change the type from .csv

The column on the spreadsheet entitled ‘Affiliated(Y/N)’ should indicate whether that runner is a member of a UK Athletics (UKA) affiliated club or an individual member of the Trail Running Association (TRA).

This number is set to help match entries and teams, please don't change it.

Team Declaration

I have instructed my runners: To recce their route before hand, to read and abide by the race rules on the race website and not to compete if they are unwell or do not think they can reasonably expect to achieve the published cut off time.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
This is the spreadsheet you have been emailed that you have then populated with your team details, please don't change column headings and do save a copy as you can update this whenever you wish. Please make sure your spreadsheet software saves the file as a .csv or it won't upload.