Overall Results.

Full Stage results can be found in the Historical Records.  Please bring any discrepancies to the attention of results@cotswoldwayrelay.co.uk

Results to stage 10

Senior Men
Class PositionOverall PositionTeamClubTime
11Bristol & West AC Senior MenBristol & West AC12:55:21
22Cheltenham & County Harriers Men's Team 1Cheltenham & County Harriers12:59:16
33SADAC Senior MenStroud & District AC13:19:54
44Team Bath TrailblazersTeam Bath AC13:55:20
59Dursley CheetahsDursley Running Club14:48:20
613Clevedon 2Clevedon AC15:09:43
718Severn ACSevern AC16:09:16
819Great Western Runners - Senior MensGreat Western Runners16:11:40
922Bitton Road Runners MenBitton Road Runners16:28:33
1023Cheltenham & County Harriers Men's Team 2Cheltenham & County Harriers16:32:49
1129NBRG 1North Bristol Running Group17:04:03
1236NGOCNorth Gloucester Orienteering Club17:18:51
1337Corsham's Great ExpectationsCorsham Running Club17:20:23
1438Monross TrailblazersMonross Trailblaxers17:20:34
1539Hogweed BucksHogweed Trotters17:26:45
1644IPWireless HarriersU/A17:38:56
1746Waters' WanderersU/A17:43:32
1861Great Western Runners - Senior TwoGreat Western Runners18:48:42
1962Hucclecote Senior MenHucclecote Harriers18:48:46
2065All Saints Soul to SoleU/A19:00:38
2166Wells City Harrier SeniorsWells City Harriers19:05:44
2290Hogweed StagsHogweed Trotters20:26:03
Class PositionOverall PositionTeamClubTime
18Bristol & West AC Senior WomenBristol & West AC14:42:45
224Bitton Road Runners LadiesBitton Road Runners16:34:22
328Team Bath WomenTeam Bath AC16:56:02
435SADAC Senior LadiesStroud & District AC17:18:38
541Almost Athletes LadiesAlmost Athletes17:30:15
649Cheltenham & County Harriers Women's TeamCheltenham & County Harriers18:04:25
756CLC Striders BlackCLC Striders18:34:15
867Hogweed DoesHogweed Trotters19:15:12
972Forest SheepForest of Dean AC19:29:56
1080Corsham's Runaway TrainCorsham Running Club19:48:59
1189Great Western Runners - Senior WomenGreat Western Runners20:24:45
1292NBRG 2North Bristol Running Group20:31:01
1395Hucclecote LadiesHucclecote Harriers20:54:39
14101Running Somewhere ShiftelyRunning Somewhere Else21:42:34
Class PositionOverall PositionTeamClubTime
17Striguil StrikersChepstow Harriers14:31:02
211Wells City Harrier's VeteransWells City Harriers15:07:47
314Thorn in the SideThornbury Running Club15:18:55
420Bitton Road Runners VetsBitton Road Runners16:14:52
521Team Bath VetsTeam Bath AC16:24:59
625CLC Striders GreenCLC Striders16:39:37
726Forest BoarForest of Dean AC16:44:45
857Chuffing NorasChuffers AC18:35:11
976Hucclecote VeteransHucclecote Harriers19:45:19
1077Running Somewhere SprightlyRunning Somewhere Else19:46:19
1185Corsham's MiddlemarchCorsham Running Club20:06:24
1297ElderberriesWestbury Harriers20:59:51
13100Pewsey PouncersPewsey Vale Running Club21:16:49

Class PositionOverall PositionTeamClubTime
15Chippenham Harriers 3Chippenham Harriers14:11:53
26Gloucester GladiatorGloucester Athletic Club14:15:36
310Racing haresCirencester AC14:52:44
412BADdocs sARC A teamBADdocs sARC15:08:27
515Kylie KangaroosTewkesbury Running Club15:35:08
616Scrambled LegsEmersons Green Running Club15:53:30
717QuickthornThornbury Running Club16:04:10
827AVR Mixed 1Avon Valley Runners16:48:43
930Gloucester MeteorsGloucester Athletic Club17:07:13
1031Dursley AntelopesDursley Running Club17:12:40
1132SADAC Mixed TeamStroud & District AC17:13:25
1233Bristol & West AC MixedBristol & West AC17:15:18
1334Wacky RacersU/A17:15:26
1440Almost Athletes Mixed 1Almost Athletes17:29:57
1542All ComersBADdocs sARC17:35:58
1643Wye Valley Boys and GirlsWye Valley Runners17:38:39
1745CLC Striders WhiteCLC Striders17:41:00
1847Corinium haresCirencester AC17:54:26
1948Clevedon 1Clevedon AC17:56:29
2050Striguil StriversChepstow Harriers18:11:35
2151Croft Ambrey runnersCroft Ambrey18:13:57
2252Royal United Hospital RunnersRUH AC18:16:13
2353Lliswerry Trail MastersLliswerry Runners18:19:16
2454The PhibsBath Amphibians Triathlon Club18:29:26
2555Forest DeerForest of Dean AC18:32:43
2658Striguil StridersChepstow Harriers18:43:41
2759TachyMcTachFaceTown & Country Harriers18:47:51
2860Running Somewhere SteadilyRunning Somewhere Else18:48:16
2963TachyonsTown & Country Harriers18:51:54
3064TachycardiaTown & Country Harriers18:52:32
3168Dursley LeopardsDursley Running Club19:19:37
3269Chippenham Harriers 1Chippenham Harriers19:24:12
3370Chippenham Harriers 2Chippenham Harriers19:24:31
3471Gloucester JavelinGloucester Athletic Club19:26:35
3573Caerleon Runners A TeamCaerleon Running Club19:32:36
3674Stone the CrowsFairwater Runners Cwmbran19:33:33
3775Almost Athletes Mixed 2Almost Athletes19:36:41
3878Hawkesbury RunnersHawkesbury Runners19:46:56
3979Caerleon Runners B TeamCaerleon Running Club19:47:27
4081AVR Mixed 3Avon valley Runners19:52:45
4182Boxing haresCirencester AC19:56:18
4283Lliswerry Trail LordsLliswerry Runners20:02:56
4384Madame GazellesTewkesbury Running Club20:03:56
4486Not Fast, Just FuriousEmersons Green Running Club20:09:15
4587Trail DemonsCotswold allrunners20:15:24
4688Legs MiserablesEmersons Green Running Club20:20:07
4791All Saints All StarsU/A20:28:36
4893Wye Valley MixturesWye Valley Runners20:32:27
4994Wye Valley AllsortsWye Valley Runners20:51:17
5096AVR Mixed 2Avon Valley Runners20:56:27
5198Campden BRIU/A21:09:49
5299Westbury MixedWestbury Harriers21:09:52
53102HawthornThornbury Running Club21:44:00
54103Trail AngelsCotswold allrunners21:54:50