Using MapRun6:

To enable socially distanced starts and manage timings all competitors in this year’s event will be required to run with a smartphone and the free MapRun6 app installed.

After downloading the app there are 2 things you need to do before race day:

Step 1. Add your details under the ‘Name’ option in the MapRun6 app – First Name, Surname, Gender, Email Address, Mobile Phone Number, Year of Birth, Post Code and Club / Team.

Important: When entering Club / Team please use the format: team number followed by team name.    For example,   24 Team Bath Ladies

On the home page, Click on ‘teams accepted for this year’s event’ to see your team number

Personal information entered into the app will be used for emergencies on the day only and not be shared with any outside party.

Step 2. In MapRun6 specify which leg you will be running by going to:

– Select Event

– UK

– Bath and Northeast Somerset

– Cotswold Way Relay 2021

– CWRLeg [1 – 10]

On race day (or during a recce) you will be required to tap ‘Go to Start’ before crossing the start zone

Note: MapRun6 app is available now so you are welcome to try it out during a pre-race recce of your leg. No .gpx is necessary as all legs are mapped in the app. This includes start/finish points and controls along the way to make sure you are on track.