This list now reflects all Team Manager amendments to 21:00 on Wednesday 7th July

Results to stage 10

Class PositionOverall PositionTeamClubTime
11Bristol and West Senior MenBristol and West AC12:45:17
24SADAC Senior MenStroud & District AC13:07:45
35Avon Valley Runners - Lowries LegendsAvon Valley Runners13:28:17
47Gloucester GladiatorsGloucester Athletic Club13:52:41
58Cheltenham & County Harriers OpenCheltenham & County Harriers14:02:07
69Dursley CheetahsDursley Running Club14:03:52
710Chippenham Harriers 1Chippenham Harriers14:07:40
811EGRC Scrambled legsEmersons Green Running Club14:30:44
912Team Bath OpenTeam Bath AC14:38:24
1014Great Western Runners MensGreat Western Runners14:45:50
1115All Saints Soul to SoleU/A14:56:28
1221Severn AC ASevern AC15:23:17
1323The Green ArmyParc Bryn Bach Running Club15:28:20
1424SADAC Mixed TeamStroud & District AC15:37:58
1528Great BittonBitton Road Runners15:48:26
1629IPW HarriersU/A15:53:06
1747The Wotscolds LeeraysU/A16:41:08
1855River OttersRiver Otters16:58:59
1958NGOCNorth Gloucester Orienteering Club17:11:27
2060D7 Trail RunnersDave's Trail runs17:18:08
2167All Saints All StarsU/A17:35:40
2271Dursley LeopardsDursley Running Club17:47:38
2372Chippenham Harriers 3Chippenham Harriers17:49:09
2478EGRC Not Fast - Just FuriousEmersons Green Running Club18:17:32
2589Tach team 2Town and country harriers18:50:05
Class PositionOverall PositionTeamClubTime
130Team Bath LadiesTeam Bath AC15:53:49
241CLC LadiesCLC Striders16:29:18
351Bristol and West Senior WomenBristol and West AC16:43:56
454Bitton LadiesBitton Road Runners16:57:05
557Great Western Runners - WomenGreat Western Runners17:10:25
666SADAC Senior WomenStroud & District AC17:33:17
779EGRC Legs MiserablesEmersons Green Running Club18:20:51
883The Ageless OnesCorsham Running Club18:30:03
Class PositionOverall PositionTeamClubTime
13Team Bath VetsTeam Bath AC13:03:50
26Chepstow VetsChepstow Harriers13:35:48
313Severn AC VetsSevern AC14:43:19
422Forest BoarForest of Dean AC15:27:18
627CLC LordsCLC Striders15:45:57
733Hucclecote VetsHucclecote Harriers16:01:55
836Thorn in the SideThornbury Running Club16:14:25
942Ancient BittonBitton Road Runners16:29:51
1056Chuffing NorasChuffers AC17:06:44
1162If you think they're old we are prehistoric!Corsham Running Club17:24:52
1268Hogweed VetsHogweed Trotters17:39:48
1369The Old TimersCorsham Running Club17:39:53
1476Hawkesbury RunnersHawkesbury Runners18:03:51
1597ElderberriesWestbury Harriers20:08:27
1699Team Bath Blue and GoldTeam Bath AC20:14:14
Class PositionOverall PositionTeamClubTime
12Racing HaresCirencester AC12:59:23
216BADdocs (Sarc) A teamBADdocs14:56:43
317Corinium HaresCirencester AC15:03:16
418Bristol and West Mixed TeamBristol and West AC15:06:31
519Hogweed MixHogweed Trotters15:11:05
620Western TempoWestern Tempo15:15:01
726Dursley AntelopesDursley Running Club15:41:46
831Xray-ted runnersRUH radiologists15:55:02
932Chepstow Mixed AChepstow Harriers15:55:33
1034Pewsey PositivesPewsey Vale Running Club16:08:05
1135Wacky RacersWacky Racers16:09:36
1237Avon Valley Runners - MacAlister's MavericsAvon Valley Runners16:23:47
1338Cheltenham & County Harriers Mixed Team 1Cheltenham & County Harriers16:25:41
1439BADdocs All-ComersBADdocs sARC16:26:45
1540Madame GazellesTewkesbury Running Club16:27:58
1643QuickthornThornbury Running Club16:30:21
1744Bath Amphibians Triathlon ClubBath Amphibians Triathlon Club16:33:11
1845Boxing HaresCirencester AC16:35:43
1946RUH Runners 2RUH Runners16:36:27
2048Clevedon 1Clevedon AC16:41:50
2149Clevedon 2Clevedon AC16:42:53
2250Westbury MixedWestbury Harriers16:43:23
2352Almosts Mixed 1Almost Athletes16:44:05
2453RUH Runners 1RUH Runners16:44:53
2559Kylie KangaroosTewkesbury Running Club17:12:20
2661Hucclecote MixedHucclecote Mixed17:20:22
2763Cheltenham & County Harriers Mixed Team 2Cheltenham & County Harriers17:30:18
2864Allrunners Trail WizardsCotswold Allrunners17:30:49
2965Green GiantsParc Bryn Bach Running Club17:32:31
3070Sherryls CrowsFairwater Runners Cwmbran17:46:45
3173CLC Lightning boltsCLC Striders17:49:36
3274Allrunners Trail DemonsCotswold Allrunners17:53:28
3375Almosts Mixed 4Almost Athletes17:56:07
3477Runny BonesU/A18:08:54
3580Chippenham Harriers 2Chippenham Harriers18:22:08
3681Almosts Mixed 2Almost Athletes18:25:17
3782Almosts Mixed 3Almost Athletes18:28:02
3884Caerleon A TeamCaerleon RC18:32:11
3985Chepstow Mixed BChepstow Harriers18:34:00
4086Tach team 1Town and country harriers18:39:42
4187HawthornThornbury Running Club18:42:20
4288Campden BRIU/A18:49:58
4390The Young(est) GunsCorsham Running Club18:53:00
4491Forest DeerForest of Dean AC18:53:39
4592Caerleon B TeamCaerleon RC18:58:00
4693Avon Valley Runners - Towler's TitansAvon Valley Runners18:59:01
4794Forest SheepForest of Dean AC19:16:42
4895Running Somewhere Else 1Running Somewhere Else19:24:33
4998Allrunners Trail AngelsCotswold Allrunners20:11:52
50100Russell's CrowsFairwater Runners Cwmbran21:08:25