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ClubTeam NameCategory
Almost AthletesAlmost Athletes LadiesWomen
Almost AthletesAlmost Athletes Mixed 1Mixed
Almost AthletesAlmost Athletes Mixed 2Mixed
Avon Valley RunnersAVR Mixed 1Mixed
Avon Valley RunnersAVR Mixed 2Mixed
Avon valley RunnersAVR Mixed 3Mixed
BADdocs sARCAll ComersMixed
BADdocs sARCBADdocs sARC A teamMixed
Bath Amphibians Triathlon ClubThe PhibsMixed
Bitton Road RunnersBitton Road Runners LadiesWomen
Bitton Road RunnersBitton Road Runners MixedMixed
Bitton Road RunnersBitton Road Runners VetsVeterans
Bristol & West ACBristol & West AC MixedMixed
Bristol & West ACBristol & West AC Senior MenSenior Men
Bristol & West ACBristol & West AC Senior WomenWomen
CLC StridersCLC Striders BlackMixed
CLC StridersCLC Striders GreenMixed
CLC StridersCLC Striders WhiteMixed
Caerleon Running ClubCaerleon Runners A TeamMixed
Caerleon Running ClubCaerleon Runners B TeamMixed
Cheltenham & County HarriersCheltenham & County Harriers Men's Team 1Senior Men
Cheltenham & County HarriersCheltenham & County Harriers Men's Team 2Senior Men
Cheltenham & County HarriersCheltenham & County Harriers Women's TeamWomen
Chepstow HarriersStriguil StridersMixed
Chepstow HarriersStriguil StrikersVeterans
Chepstow HarriersStriguil StriversMixed
Chippenham HarriersChippenham Harriers 1Mixed
Chippenham HarriersChippenham Harriers 2Mixed
Chippenham HarriersChippenham Harriers 3Mixed
Chuffers ACChuffing NorasVeterans
Cirencester ACBoxing haresMixed
Cirencester ACCorinium haresMixed
Cirencester ACRacing haresMixed
Clevedon ACClevedon 1Mixed
Clevedon ACClevedon 2Mixed
Corsham Running ClubCorsham's Great ExpectationsSenior Men
Corsham Running ClubCorsham's MiddlemarchMixed
Corsham Running ClubCorsham's Runaway TrainWomen
Cotswold allrunnersTrail AngelsMixed
Cotswold allrunnersTrail DemonsMixed
Croft AmbreyCroft Ambrey runnersMixed
Dursley Running ClubDursley AntelopesMixed
Dursley Running ClubDursley CheetahsMixed
Dursley Running ClubDursley LeopardsMixed
Emersons Green Running ClubLegs MiserablesMixed
Emersons Green Running ClubNot Fast, Just FuriousMixed
Emersons Green Running ClubScrambled LegsMixed
Fairwater Runners CwmbranStone the CrowsMixed
Forest of Dean ACForest BoarVeterans
Forest of Dean ACForest DeerMixed
Forest of Dean ACForest SheepWomen
Gloucester Athletic ClubGloucester GladiatorMixed
Gloucester Athletic ClubGloucester JavelinMixed
Gloucester Athletic ClubGloucester MeteorsMixed
Great Western RunnersGreat Western Runners - MixedMixed
Great Western RunnersGreat Western Runners - Senior MensSenior Men
Great Western RunnersGreat Western Runners - Senior WomenWomen
Hawkesbury RunnersHawkesbury RunnersMixed
Hogweed TrottersHogweed BucksSenior Men
Hogweed TrottersHogweed DoesWomen
Hogweed TrottersHogweed StagsSenior Men
Hucclecote HarriersHucclecote LadiesWomen
Hucclecote HarriersHucclecote Senior MenSenior Men
Hucclecote HarriersHucclecote VeteransVeterans
Lliswerry RunnersLliswerry Trail LordsMixed
Lliswerry RunnersLliswerry Trail MastersMixed
Monross TrailblaxersMonross TrailblazersSenior Men
North Bristol Running GroupNBRG 1Veterans
North Bristol Running GroupNBRG 2Women
North Gloucester Orienteering ClubNGOCSenior Men
Pewsey Vale Running ClubPewsey PouncersVeterans
RUH ACRoyal United Hospital RunnersMixed
Running Somewhere ElseRunning Somewhere ShiftelyWomen
Running Somewhere ElseRunning Somewhere SprightlyVeterans
Running Somewhere ElseRunning Somewhere SteadilyMixed
Severn ACSevern ACSenior Men
Stroud & District ACSADAC Mixed TeamMixed
Stroud & District ACSADAC Senior LadiesWomen
Stroud & District ACSADAC Senior MenSenior Men
Team Bath ACTeam Bath TrailblazersSenior Men
Team Bath ACTeam Bath VetsVeterans
Team Bath ACTeam Bath WomenWomen
Tewkesbury Running ClubKylie KangaroosMixed
Tewkesbury Running ClubMadame GazellesMixed
Thornbury Running ClubHawthornMixed
Thornbury Running ClubQuickthornMixed
Thornbury Running ClubThorn in the SideVeterans
Town & Country HarriersTachyMcTachFaceMixed
Town & Country HarriersTachycardiaMixed
Town & Country HarriersTachyonsMixed
Unattached_1IPWireless HarriersVeterans
Unattached_2Campden BRIMixed
Unattached_3All Saints All StarsMixed
Unattached_4All Saints Soul to SoleSenior Men
Unattached_5Waters' WanderersMixed
Unattached_6Wacky RacersMixed
Wells City HarriersWells City Harrier VeteransVeterans
Wells City HarriersWells City Harrier's SeniorsSenior Men
Westbury HarriersElderberriesVeterans
Westbury HarriersWestbury MixedMixed
Wye Valley RunnersWye Valley AllsortsMixed
Wye Valley RunnersWye Valley Boys and GirlsMixed
Wye Valley RunnersWye Valley MixturesMixed