Team Bath Athletic Club

Cotswold Way Relay


Old Spot, Dursley

Stage 7


Parklands, Wotton-U-Edge


14:00 hrs


11.6 km




Male     00:48:08
Female 00:52:08


Ascent   292
Descent 299


Cut-Off:      1 hrs 30 mins
No-Runner: 1 hrs 39 mins


Start Point

The Old Spot Inn in Dursley on Hill Road (also the start of the Dursley Dozen).

Please be sure to arrive a reasonable period of time before the start for registration, preparation and briefing. The race will start without you.


Finish Point

Opposite the Church in Wotton, in Parklands.



At Dursley there is a public Car Park by the Old Spot, but it can normally be relied upon to be full once a few relay cars have squeezed in. Please do not park on Hill Road as the runners need to get up there with the cluster of the start - your wing mirrors will not survive!


At Wotton we need to keep out of the Parklands Close, as the residents get a bit shirty. Try to make this a fly by and drop off / pick-up, as parking is a problem here. Definitely not a location to leave a car in during the run, unless you can find somewhere comfortably away from Parklands. There are Car Parks in Wotton, and as its not a big place, these are the best to go for.


Race Profile

A couple of pretty sporty hills in the shortest distance stage of the race.

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