Team Bath Athletic Club

Cotswold Way Relay


Seven Springs

Stage 4


Royal William, Cranham


10:30 hrs


20.4 km




Male    01:18:20
Female 01:30:01


Ascent   406
Descent 388


Cut-Off:      2 hrs 10 mins
No-Runner: 2 hrs 25 mins


Start Point

We start on what the map shows as the yellow minor road heading off to the North just left of the A435, direction Cheltenham. Please be sure to arrive a reasonable period of time before the start for registration, preparation and briefing. The race will start without you.

Finish Point

The finish is where, soon after your entry into Pope's Wood, join the downhill track and finish where it enters the Car Park of the Royal William pub. Note that this requires a quick departure form the marked route as you turn sharply left onto the tarmac towards the finish.


This stage has the most generous parking facilities of the whole route at the start, and genuine restrictions at the finish. If there is to be any car dropping, you are begged to leave cars at the start. The best facility for parking is the huge open tarmac free car park 100 metres to the North East of Seven Springs. Please, please, use this space.

Parking at the Royal William is really sensitive and it is definitely not a location to leave cars other than as a passing drop. If your car is there for more than a few minutes, then go into the Bar and buy a drink or lunch (lunch is particularly good here) to return the favour to the landlord.  Park at the back of the Car Park to the rear. Do not park at the front.


Race Profile

A cracking stage, and a great example of Cotswold running.  

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