Team Bath Athletic Club

Cotswold Way Relay


Chipping Campden

Stage 1


Stanway House


07:00 hrs


19.2 km




Male     01:14:00
Female 01:29:45


Ascent   392
Descent 444


Cut-Off:      2 hrs   2 mins
No-Runner: 2 hrs 16 mins


Start Point

The start will be made from the road in front of St James' Church on Church Street.  This is a residential area, so you are kindly requested to keep noise to a minimum, and to park with careful consideration. Please be sure to arrive a reasonable period of time before the start for registration, preparation and briefing. The race will start without you.



Parking is generally OK on the road by the Church, but for those of you leaving cars here for later collection, please park, where possible in a Car Park.


Race Profile

As you can see this is a typical Cotswold Relay stage by way of its profile, yet remains my favourite. The early morning clear air with spectacular views and considerate gradients gets us off to a great start.

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Route Map

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